All BlueWave controllers are DHCP by default and need to be configured to a static IP to function properly. There are multiple ways to find a controller's IP address. You can do this by using Lantronix Device Installer or using the built-in Discover Door Controllers tool.

Downloading Lantronix Device Installer:

You can download the Lantronix Device Installer from here.

Navigate to the standalone version of the software that does not require internet. Download and extract the installation file.

Run the installer and navigate through the options for a default installation.

Discovering Controllers through Lantronix Device Installer:

After booting up the program, it should automatically scan your current subnet for controllers.

Identify the door controller that you are wanting to configure, then expand the tree on the left until you find it under its firmware version. 

Click on the tab labeled “Web Configuration” and use the Green arrow button to have a login window appear.

Discovering Controllers through BlueView:

In BlueView, navigate to Tools > Discover Door Controllers, a window will appear.

Use the dropdown to select your local network, then click on “Discover Door Controllers”. A list of devices will show up, which will be identified by controller type and MAC address.

For controllers on the list that do not have a static IP address, you will need to note their current IP address and enter that into any web browser. This should cause a login window to appear as seen below.

Changing the Network Settings inside the Web Interface:

When prompted for a username and password, enter username admin and password PASS for newer boards, or leave the password blank for older boards.

This will bring you to the Lantronix Web Interface for our controllers. This screen will have a variety of options and diagnostics that can be used for advanced troubleshooting.

To make changes to the network settings, select Network tab in the orange column, then click the Configuration button towards the top of the page. Enter the following information

  • IP Address/Subnet Mask

  • Default Gateway

Once you have made your changes, click the submit button. 

Navigate to the orange sidebar again and head over to the System tab. From here, click on the Reboot button to reboot the device with the new IP address.

One the controller is rebooted, it should be visible on the system and able to be added to the BlueView software!

If you run into any problems or issues, please reach out to or give us a call at 760-929-9596