Important: There is a default group named "All", this group contains all card holders. When setting up a simple system, the "All" group may be sufficient without any new groups. Do not delete this group.

Configure Cardholder Groups 

From the Configure menu, select Group. This is where you define a group of People that should have the same Permissions. Enter the name for your group in the Group text entry field. Click Add to add the new group. Add more Groups if needed. To delete a group, click on its name then Delete and confirm. To update a group, click on its name, edit the name in the Group box and click Apply. Click the Close button to return to the System Overview dialog. 

Assign Cardholders to Groups 

From the Configure menu, select Group Member. Group Member is where you assign People to a Group. Select the group you wish to assign members to from the drop down box. To assign a member to a group, click their name, then click Add. To remove a member from a group click their name then click Remove. Use Shift or Ctrl to select multiple cardholders. Click the Close button to return to the System Overview dialog.