From the Configure menu, select Card Holder Permissions.

When setting up a simple system, the 24x7 shift, the All group and the Company target may be sufficient to allow all card holders to have access through all doors at all times. However, if access needs to be restricted to ANY door in the system, the permission 24x7/All/Company should not be used, as it will override any other permissions. When creating permissions, be sure that your sites, areas, and doors are all organized in a way that allows easy separation of access.

Creating permissions on this table is telling the system WHO(Group) has access to WHERE(Company/Site/Area/Door) and WHEN(Shift). Using the drop-down menus at the top of the dialog, select a Shift, Group, and Target. Click the Add button to add to the List of Permissions. Once you have entered all of the permissions, you can update the door controllers by clicking the Activation tab. If you have programmed exceptions to the normal shift patterns you must choose which doors to apply them to using the Exceptions tab. 

Note: If you select a Shift that is of type Unlock then you will not be able to select a Group as cards are not relevant for this type of shift. The dropdown box will be disabled when creating the permission.


To define an exception permission, select an exception and a target set of controllers, then click Add. To delete an exception permission click on its name then Delete and confirm. To update an exception permission click on it then select different values as appropriate and click Save. 

For more information on Exceptions, check out our Guide.

Once you have entered all of the exception permissions, you can update the door controllers by clicking the Activation tab. 


From here you can update your door controllers with the latest permissions you have added. Before you activate your permissions please ensure you have configured all the required permissions for a controller. 

To activate the card holder permissions for a door, click the checkbox next to a door, and then click on Activate Now. You can select multiple doors or use the Select All checkbox to update the full list. The rows for each selected door controller will change to orange with a Door Status of Queued. The programming of the controllers is complete when the rows of all selected doors turn green, with a status of Successful. This can take anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes, depending on the number of credentials in your system and the speed of your network. In our most recent version of BlueView, your system will be able to update multiple controllers at once, speeding up this process.  

To view the credentials that have been sent to each door, select the appropriate row on the left side of the screen, and the credentials sent to that door will appear in the middle Permissions Sent pane on the right. 

Cardholder permissions activations are handled in the background by Bluelink Network Services, so you do not need to leave the Permissions Activation screen open while they are being processed.