System Overview Screen 

The default screen in the BlueView application is the system overview. This screen shows a tree-view of the system on the left and an audit trail of events on the right. New systems come with your company name and a default site of "My Site" and area of "My Area." 

From here you can view all of the sites, areas and doors under your Company via the Treeview on the left-hand side. Events from the past 24 hours are shown in the listview to the right. You can select only those events of interest via the drop-down box at the top right. To learn more about Event Types, CLICK HERE.

The System Overview button on the top bar will bring up the main screen again if it is closed for any reason. 

The Start/Stop button allows you to control the Bluelink Network Service and see its status at any time. If the service is running it will show a green icon and give you the option to stop. If the service is not running it will show a red icon and give you the option to start. 

If you get an Unauthorized Entry/Extended Open alarm you can click the Cancel the Alarm button to clear the alarm state. 

If you want to execute override commands, select a node from the treeview and click either the Normal, Lockdown or Unlock button in the toolbar. 

Note: If you want to execute an operational admit, you must select a door as you cannot do so to more than one door at a time.