The BlueWave hardware and software has many potential opportunities to integrate into other devices and software's. BlueWave manufactures our own hardware and software allowing us to make changes to existing deployments as well and new builds. Common integrations we see are: Hardware integrations, applications level integrations, and database level integrations. Below we will describe common scenarios we see and how to work the BlueWave team to accomplish the project at hand. 

Hardware Integrations

All hardware integrations will tie into the board via triggers and relays. We have dozens of wiring diagrams that describe the correct wiring needs to accomplish the task at hand. These can be found in our support portal or by talking with our support team directly. Common scenarios we see are - 

Parallel Controllers - If there is a scenario with two systems (BlueWave and 3rd Party), we can wire up both controllers to allow access to the door. A common example is a suite within a high rise has a BlueWave system, while the building as a whole has a 3rd party system. If the credential is available in either database the door will unlock. P 

Automated Gates - If trying to secure a bay door or an automatic gate we will be able to produce a trigger on a valid card read that will open the gate. Power requirements are key as well and correct software configurations of the door. 

Mantrap - Common in Casinos and Airports, the mantrap will allow access to the first door into the vestibule. Once the first door closes, the second door will be able to open on a valid card read. There is an additional hardware part needed for this wiring. 

TTL Trigger (General) - By configuring TTL outputs on the board we can trigger the board to act in a number of ways. If there is a valid card read event A will happen, on a rejected card read event B will happen. 

Wire diagrams for all scenarios can be provided by reaching out to support (support@bluewavesecurity.com).

Application level integration

Typically these integrations with VMS’ are around seeing video footage correlated with an event. An example of this is when a reject happens at a door at 2am. Rather than going back through the video feed to find the camera and the time, you can click on the camera icon next to the event to see the 10 second clip of who tried to enter. The purpose of this integration is to simplify the video search process for Security and asset protections managers. Please reach out to support for additional information. 

Application level integrations require a discovery by our support and engineering team. We will chart out the path of what is needed from the application and how it will need to operate in the customers environment. After an understanding of the end goal, we map out the plan. Common application level integrations we see are with Video Management software's. 

Database level integrations

Database level applications are the most common type of integrations we see. They range from simple integrations with Active directory to more complex connections based on HR’s requirements of an active employee. The typical purpose of these integrations is to simplify the data entry process of the security system to keep the database clean and accurate - this is critical for large organizations. 

For more information about integrations, please reach out to the support team for more information on connecting to the BlueWave application.