Baretail Log Viewer

The BareTail Log Viewer is integrated into and available in the software under Tools>Start Log Viewer. This will open up a window that will receive live updates from the software communication and display them in separate lines of reports. If this is the first time opening this tool, it will require you to navigate to the log folder first. Logs can be found in C:\ProgramData\BlueView\Logs by default. The most relevant logs will be the BNS, BNS.permissions, and w3wp files.


The BNS log will show all attempts at communication with the controllers, including network connections, credential attempts, and credential downloads. This is helpful when you are wanting to see the direct pipe to the controllers and look for any interruptions. 


This log will report the full permissions pushed to the controller. It is best used to find out if a controller has downloaded their full credential list and shifts, or if there were errors in the attempt. In BlueView 20.0+, only finished permissions will appear here.


This log is for audit trails in the system. It will record any changes made to users or groups from both the software and the web interface, as well as scheduled activation for doors. It will also show attempted logins and whether or not they were successful. Some events such as lockdowns or unlocks can be seen in this log.

For advanced searching within the logs, be sure to use the highlighting feature to look for specific controllers. Controllers will be referred to by their controller ID, which can be found in the Activation tab of Card Holder Permissions.